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Bidasar Green
We supply it in best of the shades and best of the quality. We never supply broken slabs which are joint using resins. We put 3 epoxy coat over the material instead of the prevalent practice by other manufacturers of only 2 or in cases just 1 to give it complete strength and lustre.
Bidasar Gold A
We are one of the few exporters who are supplying Bidasar Gold with excellent quality combined with even better price. We are so well priced that even exporters from delhi buy from us. This is primarily due to our suitable location and because of having all the xxxxx from sawing to packing, in house. We do it in slabs as well as tiles in polished as well as antique (brush polished) finish.
Bidasar Gold B  
Description -
Bidasar gold marbles with brown veins and forest texture are widely liked by the universal lovers of forestial beauty.
Bidasar Brown A  
Description -
We process beedasr brown marbles which are popularly used in flooring of main area of building and front alivation by the building and construction industry. Our beedasar marbles come in a variety of patterns that make for a charming flooring option.

Bidasar Brown B
We manufacture beedasar brown stone which are popularly used in flooring at all building portions specially uses at elevation our beedasar stone comes in variety of patterns that make for a charming flooring option. The beedasar marbles are relatievly cheapar and can be customized according to excat size specifications of the the customers sattisfactory.
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